Fishing & Hunting

Fishing for pleasure, recreation and rehabilitation

Fishing and hunting – foundation stones in Alvhaga

Fishing is an activity having a given place as a charger for the batteries in your body! When fishing you can cool down, pick up your patience and soon you will experience excitement as well as peace in your soul. Fishing as a medical perscription will be big in the future when we in due time have learned to heal a burnt out person in a better way than with medicines… As a leisure-time activity it is not depending on weather or season. In fact you can go fishing all year – only when ice neither bear or break there is a limit.

Comfort & Safety

Fishing by Alvhaga Vildmark you will have access to cosy and comfortable marina for fishing boats – good prepared to offer our guests as much comfort and safety as possible!

Staying in Alvhaga Vildmark you will have access to many very good fishing grounds. Lake Fegen (more than 20 km long), Nordre Svansjön, Söndre Svansjön and Kalvsjön are four of the bigger lakes. The species are varied with perch, pike, pikeperch and eel as principal attractions. For the specialist in angling there will be among others bream, burbot, whitefish and tench. In lake Eseredsjön, a few km from Alvahaga Vildmark, was registered the heaviest winter-caught pike ever in Sweden, 17,6 kg and 134 cm long! In this lake as well as in Påarp there is a „put-and-take” fishing for rainbow trout.

Alvhaga has on top of these three private lakes with excellent populations of perch, pike and eel. Calm waters where the whole family can go fishing!

If you are a beginner and need instruction or you are more experienced and quickly want to find the „hot spots” for fishing we have skilled guides to help you.

You can rent fishing rods, boats and outboard engines from Alvhaga Vildmark.

Roebuck hunting in Alvhaga
– a concept since many years. Our customers come from several countries but they have
one thing in common – they have both seen and shot roebuck!

We have an arrangement over 7 days including days of arrival and departure – but we can of course arrange custom-made hunting events fitting your wishes. In the very early morning you will be picked up by car and placed by your stand half an hour before daybreak. All our stands have a high-seat for safe shooting. After the morning wake you will be picked up 8.30 am and then you will have the day off until 5 pm. You will now be picked up for the evening wake, which continues until the sun has set and you will be picked up app. 15 minutes later.

You will have accommodation with toilet and shower in the house. If you want to stay by your own or if you want a little more exclusive living we can offer this as well!

Moose hunting

A few possibilities. The demands as to the participants are high – but if you feel that you are a hunter a little”above the rest” you are welcome with an inquiry. Our moose hunting area is over 1000 hectares.
We own dogs specially trained on moose hunting; if there is moose in the area, we will find them!

Driven game shooting

Dogs of different races provide interesting driven game shooting on roe deer. If you are interested in this type of hunting, just let us know and we will propose a suitable arrangement.

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