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Our rental canoes are of a unique construction – rotation cast in sandwich construction. A material you do not experience as hard – if you bang into something the canoe will not get dents nor cracks!
We can help you to create a suitable tour, from a couple of hours up to more than a week! The lakes Fegen, Norra Svansjön, Södra Svansjön, Kalvsjön and the rivers Lillån and Ätran are all at your disposal and they all link together to create a matchless paddling area!
The area is a nature reserve and will treat you to experiences of the best quality.

With us you can rent or buy Canadian and kayak canoes, boats as well as camping and fishing equipment.
Our rental prices are very attractive! Of course we will help you with transportation if you have desires of alternative depart or arrival sites!

For information or booking, contact us!


Buy boat / canoe from Alvhaga!

We have a varied offer of boats and canoes. We are importers of rotation cast Canadian and kayak canoes and retail dealers for the LINDER program of aluminium boats/canoes. Flexible opening hours and competitive prices is your guarantee to make an advantageous deal on a time that suits you!


A canoe in Canadian design suitable for as well a day trip as longer expeditions. It is sturdy and track stable and has a very good cargo capacity.
The canoe is rotation cast in polyethylene and built in sandwich construction. The expanded material in the middle layer of the polyethylene gives a sturdy construction and adds a great security to the canoe by also being a floatation element. The canoe is equiped with three form cast seats and carrying handles.
The canoe can take a rough treatment and is well adapted to use by schools, scout troops, institutions and as a rental canoe where you demand high standards for wear and tear.

Technical data:
Length: 530 cm
Width: 86 cm
Weight: 38 kg
Load: 350 kg
Colour: olive green
Material: PE/sandwich
Environment: recyclable

Net price VAT included SEK 9.500

UGH/HASLE Explorer

Rotation cast sea kayak in Eskimo design. Sturdy and track stable and with very good paddling quality in open sea. The kayak is fully equiped for long trips. It has watertight bulkhead fore and aft, anatomic designed seat and adjustable foot rest. Rubber straps fore and aft provide the possibility to fasten a map, extra paddle or luggage. The kayak is equiped with safety lines and carrying handles.

Technical data:
Length: 520 cm
Width: 60 cm
Weight: 24 kg
Cockpit: 41/81cm
Colour: mixed
Material: PE/sandwich
Environment: recyclable

Net price VAT included SEK 9.900

We are retail dealers for the whole LINDER aluminium boat and canoe program. See LINDER homepage and contact us for further information! Our prices are most competitable!

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